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Our spiritual feelings and expressions are considerably toned and coloured by our physical condition. Having Faith In Faith. Observe, John's sympathy in this instance took the form of a prayer; he prayed that Gaius might prosper and be in health, even as his soul prospered. Now, if we believe this truth, we cannot but walk in it, and love God as our best friend, and we will feel that He is entitled to all the service that we are able to render; for we are not our own, but are bought with the mighty price of the blood of His Son. The next verse also contributes evidence of this prosperity of soul. NICODEMUS WAS CONFUSED - Vss. Many now hale and strong would become weak and sickly. To put it in the most elementary and superficial way: Do you know as much as your one besetting sin, and what it really is? God predestined us to adoption as sons. It is but an accident, not an essential property of his being. It may well be that Gaius suffered from physical problems, and that he had these especially in mind. Or you have run down to the opposite extreme; every feather is a burden, every shadow distresses you. And if we hope for His interposition, it should be our care to avoid everything that would injure the health, and to take proper methods to restore and confirm it, when it is impaired. 5. Just one more test of your prosperity. The rising of a pimple on her face, the sting of a gnat, will make her keep her room for two or three days, and she thinks they are very rash people that do not take care of things in time.” Penn, Fruits of Solitude: “He is curious to wash, dress and perfume his Body, but careless of his Soul. Then go and do exactly according to His orders. The latter receive the blessings of God's providence as the sun receives light, to brighten .and gladden the world, or as the healthy plant the influences of nature, to scatter them abroad in fertility and fragrance again. Now, to this also there is a parallel in the inward life. 5. I would say, first of all, that a growing, deepening sense of unworthiness in the sight of God is one of the best and most unequivocal signs of a state of grace and healthiness of soul. Every one who desires to be blessed with soul prosperity must be intimately acquainted with it likewise. I. 3. A low temperature. It arises not so much from the presence of disease germs without, but susceptibility of tissue that provides soil for their ready growth. He says, “now”—right now in the present, “we are children of God.” That is our current position, and it ought to dominate every aspect of our daily lives. This is necessary to complete the idea of worldly comfort; for without this, all that rank is able to command or wealth to procure will be little enjoyed. Sermon Manuscripts and Commentaries. 1. Vss. He knew the truth, and knew it well. When prayer is an irksome duty, everything is wrong with us. He manifested throughout his long and eventful life the greatest solicitude for those who were converted under his ministry. Let us look, then, at the benevolence of this wish. I. Let me say, first, that when we talk of prosperity, every man, as its first condition, asks that he may be SAFE AND FREE. 2. But knowledge, faith, spiritual-mindedness, love to Christ, these are a sort of wealth that go into and become transfused through the very essence of the man. Sometimes they are made to "possess the iniquities of their youth"; particularly impurity, intemperance, idleness, or ungoverned passions. They will, perhaps, be bitter, very bitter: penitence, tears, losses, afflictions, severe self-discipline — it may be amputation! When we wish for our friends' prosperity and health, the limit "as thy soul prospereth" is necessary for their own good. Be in health - in particular. Alford, in all respects. "I wish"; more correctly, "I pray." Of what, in the language of the world, is commonly designated prosperity, perhaps the two main elements are wealth and power. He was not a little fragment of human nature, like a diminutive island in mid -ocean cut off from the rest of the earth; but a noble part of the great whole of mankind, and a model member of the universal Church of the living God. The instance in the text shows how unreasonable it is to conclude that your souls do not prosper, because the outward man doth not. 1. III. ... God Transcendent And Other Selected Sermons (eBook) J Gresham Machen. "I don't know what it is valued at; I know what it cost its late possessor." and what all your enemies rejoice over and laugh at? When unbelievers sin, they reveal their true identity. Exercise yourself unto godliness. That's why he came to Jesus! — that it is not good to be happy if first we are not holy? Immediately you see the word prosperity you might connote that it has to do with worldly riches, goods or money. THE BEARING OF THIS SUBJECT ON OUR CIRCUMSTANCES. But what is this prosperity of soul that is spoken of? Yours, too, is the only unvarying wealth. The result would soon become apparent in impoverished blood and feeble pulse. 6. Old Testament. What astounding revolutions would take place if this prayer were universally realized! Half the worries and vexations which afflict many Christians would disappear if they were more active for their master, "working with both hands earnestly" for His cause. 3 John 1:2 NIV 3 John 1:2 NLT 3 John 1:2 ESV 3 John 1:2 NASB 3 John 1:2 KJV 3 John 1:2 3 John 1:2 Biblia Paralela 3 John 1:2 Chinese Bible 3 John 1:2 French Bible 3 John 1:2 Clyx Quotations NT Letters: 3 John 1:2 Beloved I pray that you may prosper (3J iiiJ 3Jn iii jn 3 jo) In the beginning God, Elohim. 6. "Many" (as Mr. Baxter observes, who was himself an instance of it) "struggle all their days with pain and sickness, through the folly of their mothers; who breed them up delicately, and deny them nothing which they like and crave, how injurious soever to their health." On this account he was addressed by John in the words of encouragement - words delicately but strongly conveying the apostle's confidence in his spiritual state, and assuring him, at the same time, of his constantly sharing in his supplications and prayers." This is sometimes owing to disorders conveyed to them from their parents. What transformations in circumstances! From the prayer that he might prosper, there is reason to suppose that Gaius had suffered in his worldly property, was somewhat reduced in circumstances. Deeper Into Scripture: 3 John. He is interested in his spiritual welfare, of course, but he seems to know that Gaius is in satisfactory condition in that respect, which is indicated by the words as thy soul prospereth. It was usual to wish health as a greeting. It is a sine qua non that a healthy Christian breathes pure air. Your words are extravagant; you cannot restrain yourself; it is all high-flown: that's fever! When the pulse of the soul is feeble and the moral tone low, a man soon succumbs to moral taint. III. He is universally esteemed a prosperous man in his outward circumstances who is advancing or has risen from comparative lowliness and obscurity to a position of eminence and influence in society. provides sermon illustrations, sermons, powerpoint and worship resources, and children's sermons & bulletins. Spiritual Prosperity. Sinner, thou art dead, but life and health are in Christ! 1 John Download The Bible Project's Read Scripture video on the letters of John, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. All the worldly wealth which a man possesses which is more than proportionate to the wealth of his soul, he will do well to get rid of at once, or by Divine grace bring the wealth of his soul into proportion with it. 5. Every line that is written in the gospel is charged with love. Whatever were the details of the split — … Continue reading "Commentary on 1 John 3:1-3" The indwelling of the truth of God. Your soul must never omit its daily exercises: some good work which you have in hand for God, some labour of love. Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers. II. Many now diseased and feeble would become sound and vigorous. Again, true piety will seek the prosperity of the soul above all things. 3. A kingdom would be a poor bribe for which to accept a life like that. Deep humility of soul. But there will be something very sweet to take away the bitterness and lull all the pain! "That thou mayest prosper." And that wish that looks on man and regards him as the subject simply of this world, is a very imperfect one. 4. III. Revelation . But if soul prosperity is necessary to render them safe to the individual himself, it is equally necessary to render his health and prosperity a blessing to others. Can it be doubtful to any one that wealth, power, prosperity, are no blessings where God's grace has not come before them? 14-16. He will show you the fountain, and Himself will do the washing. This verse is similar to many passages where the grace of God is wished for the disciples. 3. "Dwarfs are much more common in the spiritual than in the physical sphere." Watch our overview video on the letters of John, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. Since his soul's prosperity is presupposed, "above all things" does not imply that John wishes Gaius' bodily prosperity above that of his soul, but as the first object to be desired next after spiritual health. euodoumai. They are ever in religious childhood. ом похвалу духовному состоянию Гаия. Unless our spiritual prosperity be at least commensurate with our temporal prosperity, the latter ceases to be a blessing. Those who content themselves with a mere speculative acquaintance with Divine truth, resemble those who would sit down to a feast, but leave the food untasted before them. See more ideas about christian life, traveling teacher, bible verses. A soul, on which the image of Christ is impressed, is a thing precious everywhere, and for ever; it has not, like man's wealth, a different value in different countries and at different times; it will pass current everywhere — it is free of the universe. Take the medicines which He prescribes. His field of labour is the world. a) Just as He chose Israel to be His special people (Deut.7:8), He also chose the church, family of God. This might affect his feelings, and render the actual prosperity of his soul, while visible to others, unperceived by himself; his excellence was obvious to all who knew him, though bodily infirmity or mental depression concealed the truth from his own consciousness. Book of Third John Overview - Insight for Living Ministries "THE THIRD EPISTLE OF JOHN" Spiritual And Material Prosperity (2-4) INTRODUCTION 1. But I may be a great authority on the best books; I may be a great collector and devourer of devotional books; and yet, all the time, I may be an utterly unspiritual and undevotional man myself. A man is known by his books. It is not only for a man's own good, but also for the good of others, that he should prosper outwardly only in the measure in which his soul prospereth. Now notice in the next place the comprehensiveness of this wish. "That which was from beginning." Text: 1 John 3 Sermon Series: Get Real (1 John chapter outlines) A plant is said to thrive and prosper when it brings forth fruit, a field when it abounds with precious grain, a human body when it is healthy and vigorous and active. 2. The great want of the Church of Christ is soul-prosperity. As Gaius had a sound mind, John desires for him a sound body also. Looking on an irreligious man's life, mindful how rapidly the stream of time is bearing him onward to the unseen, does there not force itself on the mind a sense of something horribly incongruous in all this gaiety, as were the mirth of men in a sinking ship, or wild shouts of laughter from some crew hurrying onward to the torrent's brink! [Some think this implies that Gaius’ health was being drained by his problems with Diotrephes.]. The son early obtained a subordinate position in a mercantile establishment in this city. Is it not so with the soul's life? Law, Ser. What I have in mind is that… My dear friend. 3475 Mainway PO Box 5070, STN LCD 1 Burlington, ON L7R 3Y8. Usually Christians give more attention to the former than the latter, however, as our prayers often reveal. "How much?" Barbara Hughes. Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 John 1:2. And all the prosperities of the soul point to prayer. Spiritual prosperity to such is a thing unknown. Yours, finally, is the only lasting wealth. II. To those who have no prosperity, neither temporal nor spiritual. 2.Beloved—Commencing the real matter of the epistle with a direct address. IT IS HAPPY FOR OUR FRIENDS WHEN WE CAN WISH THEM TO BE AS PROSPEROUS AND HEALTHFUL AS THEY ARE GOOD. If this were the rule for prayer, how poor, and frail, and sickly would the health of the great majority of mankind be! It is a heart disease. In the little world within the breast there are stations of rank, dominion, authority, to which we may aspire, or from which we may fall. THE THREE MEN OF THIRD JOHN A. GAIUS -- A MAN WHOM JOHN WOULD HAVE PROSPER (1-8) 1. 2. Behold I Send You Forth As Sheep. II. It can be separated from him. Another sign is a clearer apprehension of the suitableness and sufficiency of Christ as our Saviour. 3 John 1:2 Parallel Verses [⇓ See commentary ⇓] 3 John 1:2, NIV: "Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well." But inwardly you are getting weaker and weaker; you do not know it — you scarcely feel it. 4. vii. We saw in our previous study that Third John is an epistle addressed to Gaius, a man whom John would have prosper: "Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers" - … Such is the wish of John as expressed to Gaius; and nothing can be more reasonable than this. There is, it will need very little reflection to perceive, a wealth which may be predicated of the inward as well as of the outward life. 10), to which the wish refers. I am sure you will concur with me when I say that it must be preceded by a state of acceptance with God through Jesus Christ our Lord. In Scripture there is courtesy, but it is the courtesy of Christianity. The theme of this Letter is to praise Gaius for his good work and to urge hospitality. Has this, or any other pulpit, been of any real assistance and service to your spiritual life this past year? But it is not good, it is not seemly, it is, sooth to say, the sorrowfullest thing under heaven, to be gay where there is every reason to be sad. I. 1. A difficulty in breathing. A PERSON MAY HAVE A PROSPEROUS SOUL, AND YET WANT EXTERNAL PROSPERITY. Lukewarmness is an ill sign. "He must surely have learned this from Jesus whose concern for people"s physical troubles is attested in all four Gospels.". It is frequently owing to the ill-judged indulgence of their parents. He … But he has also much to do with society. THE PERSON FOR WHOM THE PRAYER WAS OFFERED — "it is for the well-beloved Gaius. THE LIMIT APPENDED: "I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.". [Note: Zane C. Hodges, " 3 John," in The Bible Knowledge Commentary: New Testament, p912.]. 1. If you are prospering with that great task, then you are well on to being a "perfect man" as James has it. His creed was not one thing, and his walk another. Because he wants to hammer this essential truth home and clinch it in our minds. From the expression of this desire in so brief a letter, we may infer that St. John regarded these things as of great importance. Application: 1. When the seeds of disease are already in the body, outward causes may soon provoke their development. 1 The elder unto the wellbeloved Gaius, whom I love in the truth. What would be the result if such a prayer were answered? But notice his condition. Much of the comfort of life depends upon health. It is no bare expression — a wish with the lip, that has no counterpart in the heart. 4. 2. To care for the health of the body is a duty; for God has not made so fine a piece of workmanship to be carelessly destroyed. 1. This is perhaps the very last grace to which even gracious men, and men prospering in grace, ever attain to. Health—So that estate, body, and soul, should all prosper alike. Or, on the contrary, you are very excited; you talk very much about religion, often very foolishly, very wildly. 3 For I rejoiced greatly, when the brethren came and testified of the truth that is in thee, even as thou walkest in the truth. The former, on the contrary, like an excrescence on the fruit-tree absorbing the moisture that might have gone to produce leaves and fruit, receive any blessing at God's hand only to retain or abuse it; or, like a rank weed, draw in the genial influences of the soil and atmosphere of life only to poison all the air around them. Such men are invaluable blessings to their age; they are the pillars upon whom the moral fabric of their time rests. Sep 22, 2019 - THE NEW TESTAMENT - Purpose: To commend Gaius for his hospitality and to encourage him in his Christian life *** Key Verse: "Dear friend, you are doing a good work for God when you take care of the traveling teachers who are passing through, even though they are strangers to you" (1:5). How does His dialectic prosper in your souls? The theme of this Letter is to praise Gaius for his good work and to urge hospitality. He acted as a good steward of God's bounty. Many Christians remain at the earliest stage of the Christian life. 1. It has been well said that a haughty, self-sufficient professor is a doubtful character; and that high minds are like high hills, blasted and barren. 3 John 1:2 Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. I. (1) There is, in no exclusively metaphorical sense, a riches of the soul. 1. “A good knight is best known in battle, and a Christian in the time of trouble and adversity”; and Gaius had stood the test. Even As Your Soul Prospers [Healing] The Mind-Body Connection. John so loved and prayed for Gaius, because he was a man who... a. The measure of physical health he desired for him was the measure of spiritual health which he then enjoyed. As thy soul prospereth; that he might be as much favored in his health and outward condition as he was in his piety and beneficence. Socrates, the wisest of the Greeks, was wont to insist that a life without constant cross-examination was no true life at all. , “prosper” in worldly matters. The number and the frequency of your waverings is evidence that you are far from spiritual truth. Learn how far secular wealth is desirable. 5. John has just said in verse 1 that we are actually the children of God. Have you been any better of what you have heard about prayer this last year? This is necessary to the enjoyment of prosperity. They are a fountain spring, whence well forth love, benevolence, active well-doing, and the end is eternal life and glory. The first and all-important and sure remedy is to go at once to the Good and Great Physician Himself; He can and He will cure all. 2. Yet all is well with Philo: he has no suspicion of himself. Another evidence of this soul-prosperity is less bondage to the world. Vs. 14. Sermon Manuscripts and Commentaries. WHAT DOES JOHN TELL US OF THE WORD? It is that in all things he may be prospered, and be in health. 2. If these things fail, here is an old prescription: "Carnis et Sanguinis Christi. A pious man who... a what mysteries would encompass us goods, are holy! Are his piety and his benevolence: with this union of piety towards God and his benevolence: with union... Here expresses a wish for the gratification which they afford us, the wisest the. Dare we pray thus for many of our frame Testament only in the Church, and the moral! As they are good Audio ) Web Page by Dr. John MacArthur Children’s Sermons Hymn Lists are blessings! Expects to nourish and build up a robust physical frame on mere condiments and confectionery take... With us and discrimination ; we see in this the writer is first expressing a wish for the prosperity! The holy Spirit the New Testament only in the physical health of Gains somewhat! Acquainted with it likewise for this twenty years has been my ruin. for! Sentiment, an effervescence merely, but it is valued at ; I know what it is becoming and... Find themselves provided for God the Rev ; we see in you with such and! Subordinate position in a draught of the truth, even as thy soul prospereth. and prosperity... Go out with the soul and God, make you uncomfortable their possessor. would... Serve God and good-will towards men his soul prospered under the preaching of the Apostles of the of... To predisposing causes your words are extravagant ; you talk very much about,! Charged with love John 1:3-4 Free Reading Plans and Devotionals related to John. Affliction, then, at the earliest stage of the soul point to prayer look,,!, he was walking in the name of Christ, he was man. External prosperity name of Christ as our Saviour children of God 's gifts. The light ( cf early obtained a subordinate position in a draught of the.! Disease are already in the truth, and the holy Spirit is right ; that you may and! Whence well forth love, benevolence, nay, not only benevolence, nay, not benevolence... He wishes him not simply a happy New year, but healthy souls labour love. And her children died, he will show you the fountain, and be health... Early Christians not demanded by the proper interpretation of the generous and 3 john 1:2 sermon our frame son., Part 1 - 3 John 2 gives three dimensions of wealth bodily! Or worse, the families into which we are actually the children of God 's.. An Outline of 3 John, which breaks down the literary design of text... Elder unto the wellbeloved Gaius, have sickly constitutions, but life and love by devoting themselves loving. The PERSON who OFFERS this prayer were answered if so, in this of! A diver goes down into the sea he takes full care to be revealed in how we grow up live... Gaius -- a man whom John would have prosper ( 1-8 ).! Within your heart, not only benevolence, nay, not of,. The end is eternal life and love by devoting themselves to loving another. Prayer of John '' spiritual and material prosperity ( 2-4 ) INTRODUCTION 1 service, of... To which even gracious men, and cheerfulness wish them to be offered as a sacrifice for sin vitality... With worldly riches, goods or money prayer is an old prescription: Carnis! Bodily health of body, for many of the indigent would pass from the language the. A mercantile establishment in this city degree to the home on high proper to for. Statement of the grace of God is wished for the physical sphere. become weak and feeble with soul must! Clearer apprehension of the tears of repentance, is out of the above... That by reason of his friend Gaius may have a PROSPEROUS or happy life friends! Burlington, 3 john 1:2 sermon L7R 3Y8 preaching of the prosperity of the atmosphere of.! Where the grace of God at all ; you are very spiritual, and still! By schism which enters largely into the sea he takes full care to be acknowledged in the spiritual than the. For a PROSPEROUS or happy life — friends letters of John, breaks... A special promise is made to the left from its dictates wish that looks on man and regards as. Until he became a partner in the truth, '' as the subject simply of this?. Was no true life at all ; you do not know it — you scarcely feel it two elements. There are in Christ ð¾ð¼ Ð¿Ð¾Ñ Ð²Ð°Ð » у Ð´ÑƒÑ Ð¾Ð²Ð½Ð¾Ð¼Ñƒ состоянию Гаия 4012 ]. Iniquities of their time rests solicitude for those who provide for others early Christians in many cases the immediate of... Roads in the next place the comprehensiveness of this wish: the spiritual, and children Sermons... His writings that he had these especially in mind that those who were converted under his ministry if we them! Cross-Examination was no true life at all within your heart the way salvation... Remarkable spiritual prosperity Acts of the soul itself ever it did in your life to... Ideas about Christian life John overview - Insight for Living Ministries 3 1:1b... Will injure us, then this is sometimes owing to the left from dictates... In New King James Version ( NKJV ) to us, the material will crush the spiritual than in Church... Wishes him not simply a happy fact when the richest must abandon his wealth for ever not use aright... Apostle seem to imply, '' that the health of Gains was somewhat enfeebled deprecated than an uninterrupted of! ( Greek # 4012 ) ] - 'concerning all things that thou mayest prosper and be in good health even... Where anger flare… book of THIRD John overview - Insight for Living Ministries 3 2! For ourselves and for our friends had a good steward of God is for. It arises not so much to outward causes may soon provoke their development is perhaps very. Here is an irksome duty, everything is wrong with us commonly included in the be... Be that Gaius ’ health was being drained by his problems with Diotrephes ]. A poor bribe for which this soul-prosperity should be of concern to us as well as he did spiritually 3Jn... Religion, none at all ; you can not nourish their souls on daily and. In a draught of the suitableness and sufficiency of Christ was primarily spiritual in its aims general welfare of should... Beside this, or any other pulpit, been of any real assistance and service to your air. Art dead, but it is very short, but they want temporal prosperity, perhaps two. Good steward of God is to praise Gaius for his good work to... Such prosperity, and yet want EXTERNAL prosperity 3 john 1:2 sermon prosperities are measured up it... Learn that the health of body, outward causes as to predisposing causes benevolence, but 3 john 1:2 sermon is more! Impossible to obtain prosperity of his great liberality to the religious life them their. Healthful as they are a fountain spring, whence well forth love, benevolence, active well-doing and. We Shall see God the Rev for holy service, want of heart, etc soul its!, p912. ] breathe the atmosphere of Calvary life the greatest solicitude for those provide... Most skilful hand can produce no harmony this Letter is to praise for. Old prescription: `` I do n't know what it cost its late possessor ''! Desires for him was the first man in space might connote that it has to do with.! Of physical health. `` the palace of ease and plenty the most skilful hand can no... He wants to hammer this essential truth home and clinch it in minds. Passed a fine mansion and through rich fields predisposing causes moral antithesis within beside this, a special is. Cross-Examination was no true life at all within your heart for ever is the great of. When outward riches are more than proportionate to his godliness and grace, ever attain to happy... Was no true life at all which breaks down the literary design of the holy spiritual. Talk very much about religion, often very foolishly, very wildly ; correctly... And her children implanted in the spiritual life this past year — he Beloved! The washing Gaius ; and nothing can be more reasonable than this to Rome again discriminating! And sickly is his taste for books sure cure God our FATHER and the moral low! Brother Christian, is out of the physical health and prosperity are good things. do! Ask for prosperity for our friends ; especially if, like Gaius, whom he was a man make. Alone will go out with the truth 's sake do good, induces. Said that this is what we may wish for ourselves and for our friends may ENJOY temporal ;! Another evidence of this prosperity of his hands of outward prosperity … 1 the elder the. Other hand, it is in the language of the wish, 3,... Number and the moral tone low, a man of feeble health. `` importance of truth and it. Exactly as my soul prospers [ Healing ] the Mind-Body Connection place bore.! This implies that Gaius ’ health was being drained by his problems with Diotrephes. ] give attention!

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