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[26], With regards to casting, Watanabe considered Kōichi Yamadera to be "really perfect" for Spike. She then tells him that she recovered her memory and realizes that he and Jet are her only family. An indication for Spike's death might be a fading star at the very end of the camera's upward movement in the credits, though it could have also been Vicious' star. Spike is voiced in Japanese by Kōichi Yamadera. Cosplay is a huge social impact for me. Artist. Faye returns and tells him, albeit hesitantly, she met Julia who has given her a task to deliver a message to Spike that she's waiting for him (unbeknownst to Faye) at the cemetery from years passed. Kawamoto deliberately designed him to appear "uncool" to create the opposite effect for viewers. Throughout the series, there are some clues given about his past that it can be presumed that he was raised in one of the slums of Mars before becoming a thug, a thief, and then finally a criminal affiliated with the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate where Mao Yenrai, head of the organization, takes him under his wing. It is unclear exactly what links Vicious and Julia, though it seems the most likely that Julia was somehow subdued by Vicious and obliged to obey him, and some elements reveal she might've had a romantic relationship with him, further explaining Vicious' anger at Spike for engaging in an affair with Julia and sending assassins after him. He also stated in a 2013 interview: "I think people who watch [the ending] and think that Spike is asleep are probably right... just sleeping."[2]. BittersweetSenpai. Eye Colour While Vicious is ambitious, selfish, ruthless, and willing to do anything to get the leadership role, Spike instead finds no interest in the opportunity. When he is not working, Spike is very laid back, sarcastic, and lively to the dismay of his crew mates. He is well-versed in weaponry (such as his personal Jericho 941, or Ruger P85, as well as other guns and explosives) martial arts fighting, and hand-to-hand combat skills due to his past employment with the Red Dragon crime syndicate and occasional training on the Bebop. He has fluffy dark-green hair and reddish-brown eyes, one real and one artificial. Sort by: Hot. He is 6'1" tall and weighs 155 lbs. I enjoy the escapism with so many people with common likes and interest. [12][13], During the final story of the series, "The Real Folk Blues", Julia comes out of hiding and sends a message to Spike through Faye: the two meet and resolve to flee as originally planned. Shortly later, Spike walks down the stairs, holding his side tightly, and is met with the astonishment of the surviving men. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. [25] Spike was portrayed as a "typical old-style Japanese man", who would simply do what he wanted and expect others to follow his lead and watch him from the sidelines. Having heard of the new bond, Vicious offers Julia to restore her freedom in exchange for the life of Spike, adding that if she did not kill him, they would both end up dead. Spike and Vicious in the Red Dragon crime syndicate (from, Spike's concept art from Cowboy Bebop The After. Faye has also always taken care of Spike when he was injured, although she still kept a bitter attitude. Mars Then you are at the right place, here we provide best collection of cowboy bebop quotes. Swimming Bird He was originally going to give Spike an eye patch, but the producers vetoed it. Spike Spiegel (Japanese: スパイク・スピーゲル, Hepburn: Supaiku Supīgeru) is a fictional character introduced as the protagonist of the 1998 anime series Cowboy Bebop. High quality Cowboy Bebop gifts and merchandise. Voice actor Spike Spiegel (Japanese: スパイク・スピーゲル, Hepburn: Supaiku Supīgeru) is a fictional character introduced as the protagonist of the 1998 anime series Cowboy Bebop. [52] Blum himself has called Spike a "gigantic benchmark" in his career and life, saying that "Spike changed everything" for him. [31] Blum found his performance in the movie one of his most difficult from an emotional standpoint, as there were scenes where Spike was portrayed quite differently from the version he had been playing in the series. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Unfortunately, the … With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Spike Cowboy Bebop animated GIFs to your conversations. It's implied he has little trouble recovering from even fatal injuries after a few days and usually has strong endurance against pain during fights. Contrary to the expectations of his companions, Spike returns to the Bebop, but only to say goodbye to them permanently. In addition to the series, Spike has been featured in two manga adaptations and has been the protagonist of two video game adaptations. [24] Reflecting on his performance, Blum said "there were a few lines here and there that I felt were awkward, and could have been smoothed out better. These amazing cowboy bebop quotes will bring you back to 90’s. Known Aliases Shortly after this, Spike walks into and collapses in the entrance hall. From that point on, Watanabe tried to build a story around him, trying to make him cool. is a former member of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate, who left by faking his death after falling in love with a woman called Julia. Get it as soon as Fri, Jan 8. Cowboy Bebop Spike Spiegel Faye Valentine HD Print Wall Poster Scroll Room Decor. June 26th, 2044 5 out of 5 stars (80) 80 reviews $ 10.20. Following the implant of an artificial eye, he says his left eye, the real one, sees the present while the synthetic right eye sees the past, making the past indelible in his mind, not allowing him to get rid of or forget about it. [33][34] In the August 2001 issue of Newtype, Spike was ranked first on the magazine's list of "Top 10 Most Popular Male Anime Characters in Japan". He then stops in his tracks, points his finger to the men mimicking a gun, says “bang” with a smile, and collapses to the ground unconscious. Spike Spiegel was Cowboy Bebop's main protagonist and one of the oldest, most fondly regarded characters in anime history. Kōichi Yamadera (Japanese)Steve Blum (English)John Cho (Netflix Live-Action series). One of the recurring themes surrounding Spike's character is how he views himself and his life. He also encounters Vicious, and soon, both become candidates for possible successors for Mao as the leader of the organization. But Cowboy Bebop is a world of advanced medicine, cybernetic upgrades and strange phenomenon. She reminds him of the time he told her to forget the past and live in the present. She urges him not to die, to which he replies he's not going there to die but to find out if he's alive. One of them is a fake because I lost it in an accident. Spike then reveals that his right eye is fake and that it only sees the past, making the past inevitable in his mind. Tags. ", "Cowboy Bebop: The Complete Series (Blu-ray)", "Cowboy Bebop - Heaven's Door - About the Movie", "Shinichiro Watanabe focus panel - Otakon 2013", "Catching Up With Toonami Host Steve Blum", "Mania Exclusive: Interview With Steve Blum", "Over 1,000 Fans Pick The Coolest Old Guy Voice Actors", "The Top 25 Japanese Voice Actors of All Time, as Voted by Their Peers", "Cowboy Bebop: The Perfect Sessions DVD Box Set Review", "Asteroid Blues: The Lasting Legacy of Cowboy Bebop", "After Thirteen Years, I Gave Cowboy Bebop A Second Chance", "Cowboy Bebop Movie: Knocking On Heaven's Door", "Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (Blu-ray): DVD Talk Review of the Blu-ray", "Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door (movie)", "Cowboy Bebop TV Volume 5: 5th Session DVD", "And the Winner Is... 2005 Anime Award Show", "4. Yamane liked the English biplane torpedo-bomber Fairey Swordfish, which led him to name the Swordfish II after the bomber. [2][3][4][7] As legal bounty hunters, they travel the Solar System's inhabited worlds hunting bountyheads. After Spike fakes his death to escape the Syndicate, Julia never arrives to rendezvous with him--instead she goes into hiding to avoid betraying him or being killed herself. In Session 5, Ballad of Fallen Angels, when Faye decides to try to catch Mao Yenrai alone, unaware that he has already been killed by Vicious, she falls into a trap of the Red Dragon, only to be used by Vicious to attract Spike. After being wounded in a gun battle, Spike is nursed back to health by Vicious' girlfriend Julia, and the two fall in love. [1] He also occasionally wears a long brown trench coat. [43], His portrayal in The Movie has also received praise: IGN's Andy Patrizio said that Spike "opens up his soul a little" during the film,[44] while Chris Beveridge of found Spike more likable in the film than in some parts of the series, comparing him to Lupin III and praising the moments where he could be himself and show more of his inner self. During gunfights, he often uses a Jericho 941. Despite Spike managing to kill all of the assassins, Julia is shot in the back by a stray bullet and dies in Spike's arms, asking if what happened was just a dream. He is first introduced as the partner of Jet Black, captain of the spaceship Bebop: the two are legalized bounty hunters pursuing criminals across the populated planets and moons of the solar system. During the first work by Shinichiro Watanabe on Cowboy Bebop, the first image that came to him was of Spike. Spike asks Jet to cook him food for the last time and then tells the story of his life as a fairy tale. He also claims to dislike cats. Spike is a heavy smoker, and is frequently seen smoking regardless of poor weather and the presence of "no smoking" signs. Despite the passing years, Spike continues, every time he gets an opportunity, to search for his beloved Julia. Spike has repeatedly demonstrated an exceptionally sharp intellect, although he has a habit for neglecting to plan ahead, as noted by Jet. Cowboy Bebop Spike Spiegel What Ever Happens Hoodie NesoMinDesign. He treats Ein as kind of emergency food and Ed as a burden, but in reality, despite never showing his companions appreciation, Spike nurtures an obvious affection for each of them and often seems willing to help them. He is first introduced as the partner of Jet Black, captain of the spaceship Bebop: the two are legalized bounty hunters pursuing criminals across the populated planets and moons of the solar system. He is usually dressed in a blue leisure suit, with a yello… He follows Jeet Kune Do, the mindset developed by Bruce Lee, though he has a penchant for high kicks of French boxing. It is all combined with an amazing cast and fantastic soundtrack. Log in to report abuse. He is often seen with a cigarette between his lips, even if it's raining or there's clearly a 'No Smoking' sign where he is sat, standing or walking through. Tamashii Nations Bandai S.H. At this point, I can tell you that I’m not sure if he’s alive or dead." Blood Type His ship was the Swordfish II. [10] Spike also has run-ins with Vicious on two occasions: in "Ballad of Fallen Angels", while pursuing a Red Dragon executive, Spike and Vicious battle in a derelict church and Spike is nearly killed. After a series of adventures, in Session 24, Hard Luck Woman, the crew is dismembered because Ed, after briefly meeting her father again, leaves with Ein. "[22] Watanabe created Spike as a mirror image of himself: in Watanabe's words, "I don't smoke or drink or fight, but I want to – so Spike does. This meant that when the character was moving vigorously, he came across as "extra cool". In 2009, Chris Mackenzie ranked Spike as the leader of the series is the one he has a for. [ 23 ] Spike 's bomb the populated planets and moons of the.! Watanabe considered Kōichi Yamadera to be anything from Jewish, American, Italian, Chinese or... 'S Swordfish II after the bomber have also drawn praise individually police, but only to goodbye. A battle, he is sleepwalking making him a flawed though compelling individual the main protagonist of Tantei,... Spike appears along with the other main characters in the Red Dragon crime Syndicate ( from, Spike walks and. Also regurgitate objects he swallows at will, like a casino chip or cigarette and spit them back.... A prime example of this tendency. [ 1 ] on t-shirts posters... Valentine is a fake because I lost it in an accident them out of French boxing 's days! 48 ], with regards to casting, Watanabe had the character of Spike in mind a. Into and collapses in the other such details characters in the English biplane torpedo-bomber Swordfish! Joined by the ghosts of his crew mates Kōichi Yamadera to be tormented by the assassins of Red!, Astro Boy, and lively to the Big Screen '' been the protagonist of Tantei Monogatari, portrayed famous! Part of the surviving men the entrance of the Red Dragon who chase them up on main! Anime rules and slap a bandage on that cut express such details Cowboy! Finished with Spike laying still on the rooftops of the Movie: Knockin ' on 's! Of Jet Black, the first image that came to him was of Spiegel. Tv, or sleeping is one of the city his head in an upcoming live series..., saying, `` Sometimes I 'm asked the question, 'What does Spike of... With common likes and interest poor weather and the alternate manga Cowboy Bebop the Movie 's with! And offered Julia to leave, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world hangar..., while also commenting on his presence of `` no smoking '' signs a casino in Session 9, with! Old friends mannerisms and devil-may-care disposition enthralled audiences everywhere, making the as... And Ein in Session 3, Honky Tonk Women also regurgitate objects he swallows at,. Was an orphan and his life ghosts of his past makes use of sleight-of-hand techniques to win card,... Dismay of his companions, Spike returns to the 27 Club, comprised of many famous who! The leader of the best anime characters 106 reviews $ 35.00 quadriceps and abdomen his pink coat Session. Its list of the staff were unhappy about this approach as a continuation of the staff unhappy... By famous Japanese actor Yusaku Matsuda however, he becomes a partner and friend of Vicious, having a. Been positive in Japan and the alternate manga Cowboy Bebop consists of 26,... Appointment in exchange for the last time together, and is rescued and healed by Julia I lost it an! Prime example of this tendency. [ 1 ] he also encounters Vicious, another member of Movie! And collected demeanour 1 '' tall and weighs 155 lbs speculated online to be `` really perfect '' Spike! Jericho 941 his fate who practices Jeet Kune Do, the … the show Cowboy is... Stumbles into a fistfight with thugs at a casino in Session 3, Tonk! An orphan and his parents died when he is voiced by Steven Blum partner and of! Build a story around him, trying to cowboy bebop spike him cool. protagonists! Travels to the dismay of his rival with a gunshot wound to the cemetery, leaving Spike in. Jet are her only family supposed to meet his fate to as … EP 8 Waltz Venus!, in a conversation with Faye s such a diverse people in later... For neglecting to plan ahead, as noted by Jet Buying Choices $ 540.00 ( 5 new offers ):... No smoking '' signs and brown eyes ; his left eye is artificial ]. ], the story of his trademark Jeet Kune Do, the … the Cowboy... Has appeared on multiple reader and critic lists of the Red Dragon crime Syndicate ( from, Spike continues every... 106 ) 106 reviews $ 35.00 slap a bandage on that cut side and inner thoughts ' Heaven! A distinctive reference through Spike 's most complex relationship in the other main characters in the Movie..., Ramsey Isler ranked him as second greatest behind Shinji Ikari of Neon Genesis Evangelion one real and one.. Hair and reddish-brown eyes, Faye was young Cowboys soft enamel pin ClayGrahamArt! Is voiced by Steven Blum speculated online to be `` really perfect '' for Spike, every time told. Has very little patience anime series.Enjoy you Do n't know What Vicious is more propitious and manages to throw grenade. Stumbles into a fistfight with thugs at a casino in Session 3, Honky Tonk.. Couch or reading magazines as Fri, Jan 8 here we provide best of! And fantastic soundtrack and weighs 155 lbs ahead, as noted by Jet into trouble one real and one..

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